ARS+ Air Recycling Syatem Plus
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Principle of ARS

During the discharge phase inside the cavities, the valves intercept the air and send it to the recovery air tank of the ARS System.

When the accumulated air reaches a specific pressure point inside the tank, the system

automatically switches from tank air-intake phase to tank air-discharge phase, resulting in a 50% savings of the high air pressure used in the blowing cycle.


The recovered air is dry and clean and recycled at 10-12 bar which can be used as:

- Primary blowing and intermediate blowing;

- For the pneumatic system of the machines;

- Or for other utility systems in the plant.



- Saving can exceed 50% of the original amount of the air used by the bottle blowing process.

- Significant financial savings from the reduction in electricity consumtion by the compressor.

- The possibility of closing down compressors, with resulting savings in maintenance costs.

- A quick return on investment

- With ARS the bottles can continue to be produced at the same rate without a drop in

production or quality.

- ARS can be installed quickly, with no major modifications

to the machine.

- ARS can be disconnected without affecting the operation of the machine.

- ARS is mechanically and electrically independent of the blower unit.



ARS can be installed on any old or new generation stretch blowmoulding machines.



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